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Parent Survey

This year we fielded a parent questionnaire to gain your feedback on the strengths of and areas for development for Farnham Common Infant School.

Thank you very much for your feedback.

PDF iconParent Survey Results 2015

PDF iconParent Survey Results 2014

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Parent Quotes

“Excellent leadership from head teacher. Excellent relationship with pupils and parents. Good standard of education. Forest school.” - Parent


“Teaching is of a good standard & constantly improving as seen in Ofsted reports.”  - Parent


“Safe, caring and exciting learning environment” – Parent


“Overall a very good school. The head, teachers and staff are excellent, warm and friendly” - Parent


“Strong leadership from the headteacher. Caring & supportive teaching staff. Friendly & open school reception staff. Strong commitment to healthy lifestyle & caring for the environment” - parent


“All the teachers put the children first. Forest school.” - parent


“Forest school. Choice of clubs. Receiving all the information I need about my child's progress”


“Variety of work & topics covered. Good social interaction & workshops. Good behaviour”


“Good teaching staff. Safe, friendly learning environment. A happy school.

Open policy, friendliness and very approachable.”


Headmistress is a great manager, totally committed above and beyond. This culture is seen throughout all of the staff. Very positive environment for children.” -  Parent


“Teachers are fantastic, & really pleased Mrs Fischer plays such an active role in the teaching of classes, going on trips etc. Extracurricular activities, how to help children at home with reading and maths so we are singing from the same hymn sheet.”


“Excellent visible leadership. Diverse activities & broad learning”


“Fantastic parent teacher relationship. Great curriculum & fun learning environment. Good additional help for those who need it. Positive attitude.”


“Lovely atmosphere/feeling to the school, happy teachers & happy, polite children. Great, timely communication. Ability to constantly improve.” – quote from Parent Survey


“Progressive, nurturing environment, providing learning in a fun & structured way. Looking at the individual child and providing for their needs.” Quote from Parent Survey


“A great school. My child goes in with a smile on her face and comes out still smiling. Forest School” – parentk


Website Feedback

From Eleanor and Carmel's granny in Australia

"I have looked at your new school website. How wonderful! It
is very impressive. As grandparents, we can certainly use
information from  your website to keep us in the loop about
all the fantastic  activities, celebrations and special
things happening at your school. A great conversation
starter and support for our regular Skype contacts with
Carmel and Eleanor.  Further to the Forest School
discussions, I have already shared your website with my
Principal, highlighting your Forest School program. He loves
the idea and is keen to extend our existing environmental
program to include some of the ideas you have successfully




Contact us @ office@farnhamcommon-inf.bucks.sch.uk